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Uniquely among the sensory modalities, vestibular inputs do not project to any unimodal cortex.  Sensory convergence has been described in almost all vestibular relays, including the thalamus and several areas in the cerebral cortex.  Thus, vestibular signals might partecipate in multimodal interactions with several somatic signals. 


Research in the VeME Lab investigates how vestibular-multisensory interactions build a coherent bodily self.



Our body is the object we know best.  A coherent body representation is generated by the successful integration of multimodal sensory signals.

Research in the VeME Lab investigates the role played by vestibular signals in the perception and representation of the body


"The gravity is the first thing which you don't think" (cit. A. Einstein). Gravity is always there: it is the only always-on perceptual signal.  It might not be surprising that our perceptual and cognitive experiences are shaped by gravity.


Research in the VeME Lab investigates how gravity influences the perception of the body and the external world. ​


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