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Public Engagement Activities

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Decision Making in Space (in 

"An academic at Royal Holloway has conducted research to see how people make decisions in space with zero gravity and the results prove this little-known area needs to be addressed..."

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What Happens to Decision-Making in Space? Why Experts Aren't Sure (in

"Returning to Earth from the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield remarked how making the right decision is vital in high pressure environments..."

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Zero gravity ‘has weird effects on the way we make decisions’, scientists warn (in YAHOO! NEWS)

"Going into space could have strange effects on our minds, a new experiment has suggested – and it could have implications for future missions beyond our planet.  Researchers from Royal Holloway, University of London say that gravity seems to affect people’s ability to come up with random numbers..."

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The Conversation UK (by ER Ferre)

Gravity influences how we make decisions - new research.

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Space Yoga is an amazing project by Guerilla Science involving yoga for the body and brain.  Each  ‘mission’  explores a different effect of human space travel on the body and brain.  

Watch Mission 4: Fluids with Elisa Raffaella Ferre to hear about the effects of microgravity on the vestibular system and the brain


Moon Village Association Event in London

Why should humans settle on the Moon? Join the Moon Village Association for an interdisciplinary discussion

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Getting Ready for Human Space Exploration, SpaceTalks @ RHUL

During this SpaceTalks event, we engaged in a multi-disciplinary discussion on the future of Human Space Exploration.  Firstly, Dr Elisa Ferré (Psychology Department) explained how microgravity impacts on human physiology and in particular cognition.   Then, Prof Jill Marshall (School of Law) revealed how law and human rights are applied in outer space.  Finally, Prof Adam Roberts (English Department) looked at the presence of space exploration in Science Fiction

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The Zero-Gravity Band

We have collaborated with artists Albert Barqué-Duran and Marc Marzenit to disruptive The Zero-Gravity Band project which is at the intersection of art and research and aim to produce the first non-gravitational terrestrial work of art, while experiencing zero-gravity during a parabolic flight.  The project was presented at Sónar Festival 2018 in Barcelona, an International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art.  

Click here to watch the teaser on Vimeo


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Em-Em: The Comfort of Gravity

We never think about gravity. However, our entire physical and mental evolution as a species has been influenced by gravity and this event will explore three uncommon aspects. Physicist Ellie Armstrong (UCL) explained the presence of gravity and why science is so puzzled by it. Dr Elisa Ferre (RHUL) looked at the human neurological effects by examining how are we built to sense gravity through a combination of senses, namely the vestibular system. Adrian Holme (CSM Art and Science) revealed how this embodied force has influenced the process of making art in both provocative and subtle ways


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